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VANTAESHOPFR’s Website Identification

  • The website and brand VANTAESHOP (VANTAESHOPFR.COM) are I.MUNIR property, hereinafter VANTAESHOP, freelancer registered at the commercial register of MEAUX, France, under the SIREN number : 89885374200010.
  • By purchasing from VANTAESHOP, you are automatically agreeing to the Terms and Conditions as laid out below.

Website description

  • VANTAESHOP offers their clients the possibility to buy different types of accessories designed by VANTAESHOP and then produced in limited quantity.


  • Prices on the website are in Euros (€, EUR). All prices exclude taxes according to the article 293 B of the CGI. (No taxes are added during check out.)

Accepted payments


Delivery and Shipping

  • Delivery time
    → For an in-stock product, VANTAESHOPFR has 7 to 14 days to process the order, then send and notify the client of their package being shipped. Then, it should take 1 to 3 weeks for the client to receive the package depending on the destination country.
    → For a pre-order item, up to 3 months can be needed for the products to be produced before VANTAESHOPFR can send those to the client.
  • Delivery is managed by french national post service, La Poste.
  • Orders do not automatically include a tracking number. Orders sent without a tracking number are NOT elligible to a refund or resending in case of lost package. You can add a tracking number at checkout (during shipping selection) if you want your package to be tracked.
  • VANTAESHOPFR is not responsible for potential customs taxes when the package is arriving to the destination country. Additional charges must be at the customer’s expense. VANTAESHOPFR has no control over these charges and accepts no responsibility for any additional overseas costs.
  • VANTAESHOPFR is not responsible for any external factor that might affect delivery of the products such as strikes and delays in postal services. These factors can not be the object of a refund.
  • All orders are packed with care. All orders are double checked before being posted and will not be sent with any extreme defect. VANTAESHOPFR is not responsible for any damages incurred by the postal services.
  • Please double check the address to which you wish your order to be delivered and the one supplied to VANTAESHOPFR by PayPal via your account are the same. VANTAESHOPFR holds no responsibility for being supplied with an incorrect posting address. Redelivery will be at the cost of the customer.

Modify or cancel an order

  • Once the client has checked out, an order is non-modifiable apart from your address if your package is not yet in the packaging process. Please, for any address modification, contact VANTAESHOPFR through this email address: VANTAESHOPFR@GMAIL.COM
  • Cancellation of an order is possible for 14 days after the client has placed their order, if and only if the package hasn't been shipped out yet. Once the package has been shipped out, cancelling an order isn't possible anymore.
  • If the client cancels their order within the conditions stated above, the client will receive a refund of 85% of the total amount of their order, excluding shipping fee. The 15% restocking fee covers for the taxes VANTAESHOPFR pays on their order (French laws & regulation).
  • VANTAESHOPFR  reserves the right to cancel an order.

Returns and Refunds

  • The client have 7 days after reception of the products to ask for a refund. The refund can happen only if the client is asking through this email address: VANTAESHOPFR@GMAIL.COM and if the client agreed to send the products back to VANTAESHOPFR (Shipping fees at the client expense).
  • After receiving the products back in perfect condition, VANTAESHOPFR has 30 days to refund the client. The client will receive a refund of 85% of the total amount of their order, excluding shipping fee. The 15% restocking fee covers for the taxes VANTAESHOPFR pays on their order (French laws & regulation).

Please note that cancelling an order, returning products and wanting a refund for random reasons (ie. shipping took too long so the client doesn't want the products anymore, the client doesn't like the band that inspired the products anymore, etc.) will get the client blocked from VANTAESHOPFR online shop and social media. Please understand that VANTAESHOPFR is not a big corporation, all refunds are hurtful to my business and fixing these kinds of problems with the client is time consuming for me as the sole proprietor of my business.


  • For any question or concern, please contact VANTAESHOPFR directly through this email address: VANTAESHOPFR@GMAIL.COM
  •  specifying the subject of your request clearly.

Regarding the products

  • Most of the products available on VANTAESHOPFR  are produced in small quantities and hand-made. When buying products on this website, the client agrees to the fact that some products might show some defects or light scratches (depending on the type of the product chosen by the client). For more details regarding this matter, please refer to the shop’s FAQ.

GO: Global Orders

  • Please note that VANTAESHOPFR is NOT responsible for Global Orders/Group Orders that a customer may join on their own will, once VANTAESHOPFR has sent out the package to the GOM (Group Order Manager) and after they confirm the delivery VANTAESHOPFR is not responsible for what happens next! If any problems occur, the client will have to figure the solution with their GOM. Thank you for your understanding.

Important notice for UK customers

  • As of July 1st 2021, UK customers are legally required to pay VAT and customs fees incurred at your country's customs offices. This applies to all packages, no matter the value.
  • VANTAESHOPFR will NOT be collecting or remitting VAT. Please be aware that it's very likely that VAT and customs fees will be charged to you when your package reaches the customs in order to claim your package. You may experience package delays (additional 2 weeks or more) and additional processing fees.
  • VANTAESHOPFR will fill the customs declaration properly and accordingly to the total amount of the client's order. VANTAESHOPFR is not responsible for the VAT/customs fees you may have to pay to get your package, or for any other customs/processing fees that may incur based on your country's laws.
  • In case I receive a returned package from customs:
    → a) I can resend your package after you pay for shipping again.
    → b) I can refund your order, minus original shipping cost and a 15% restocking fee.


  • VANTAESHOPFR owns all the images shown on the ‘Products’ pages of the website along with the logo and other imagery of the corporate identity and style guide. Copyright of the images is retained in perpetuity by the artist and they may not be reproduced in any context or media digital or analogue. Any unauthorised reproduction will result in legal proceedings.

Data protection act

  • VANTAESHOPFR commits to not redistribute or sell any of personal data of the client to third-parties without consent from the client except for shipping and postal services in the frame of the delivery of your products.

Applicable legislation

  • These terms and conditions are ruled by french law. By purchasing from VANTAESHOPFR you automatically agree to and accept the above terms and conditions.

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