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Hi everyone, i’m IQRA! From France. Because of my love for art, design, drawing and Kpop, i started to design and produce enamel pins and hopefully other products to share with everyone in the futur :) i hope you all love these products as much as i loved creating them and sharing them!.



☁️ HI GUYS ! ☁️

I'm Iqra, i'm from France and I run Vantaeshopfr! I created the shop in June 2020!

I created it because I wanted to improve my art and share it with everyone and wanted everyone to have a piece of my heart near them! I really enjoy making kpop inspired designs too.

I am currently still going to uni majoring in economics and gestion. Currently i'm working full time at the shop ! it's my only source of income.

I've always loved to draw since i'm young my favorite pass time was to draw in class lol. In 2020 a friend motivated me to start selling and making product at 4am in the morning and that's how everything started! and here i am today!!  

More than anything i want to make people happy one of the only thing i like to do make people smile if only my products put a little smile on your face you made my day and im so happy for you! If i could live with this shop it i will be the most happy person in this world because this shop represent literally everything i love drawing and meeting new people!

Hope you like my products and have a good day!!!