How long do pre-orders take to get made?

Pre-orders can take ATLEAST a 2 months or less if the preorder get filled. This is because all pins are made by hand.

What is the difference between pre-orders and in-stocks?

Pre-orders are pins that still need to be made into physical pins, In-stocks are physical pins.

Can I receive a refund for in-stocks?

Yes you can! But only before I ship the item to you. once it's shipped you can get a refund by sending me the product back but you have to pay the shipping.

Can I receive a refund for pre-orders?

Only when pre-orders have not gone into production. If the pre-order is not funded, you will automatically receive a refund. If you cancel your order before it goes into production, that is fine. If you try to cancel after the pre-order has gone into production, the refund will be refused. This is because your funds for the pre-order have already been sent to my manufacturer to pay for production.

ps: if you get a refund it will be without the shipping fee if the product was already send out.

If I can't keep your pin anymore, can I resell it?

Of course! I understand if you cannot keep them anymore. and this will someone else happy. Only one thing, DO NOT sell my pins or any of my products for profit! That means resell it for the price that you paid for it. I will not tolerate someone making money off of my art. If I see this, I will take action on the listing.

What happens if I order a pre-order with an in-stock?

All products will arrive to you once all PRE-ORDER products arrive to me and I ship them to you!

What happens if I think my package is lost?

Please message me! I will figure out a solution for you. but you can get a tracking for your shipping but if you don't i cant do anything since i dont know were your package will be. But package get lost rarely hopefully it will never happen to you!

However even if we find a solution the shipping fee will not be refund due to the fact that on my side i have already paid and send out the package. 

What are pin grades?

Pin grades are the different types of pin outcomes that I received. Meaning, the lower the grade, the more defects the pin has.

Standard - Best in batch pin. Recommended for collectors, 0-barely any mistakes that can really only be seen under close inspection.

B-Grade - Slight mistakes in Pin. Possible outcomes being little scratches, SLIGHT underlaying enamel, tiny screen printing errors.

C-Grade - More mistakes in Pin. Same outcomes as B-grade just slightly greater. Possible missing tiny amount of enamel/plating.

Seconds - Biggest Mistakes in Pin batch. Still capable as an enamel pin

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